How to Install CAVE themes in Prestashop

1. To install the theme. You need to install “importtheme” module from module tab in administration section after you login

Click on Module Tab

Click on Module Tab

Click on importtheme block

Click on importtheme block

2. After you install . Please click on configure link
3. Browser theme zip file in you computer from “Import from your computer” fieldset and click on “Next” Button

4. Here, you can get short information about theme and click on next button

5. Now you will inform with severl option . Please set as your required for recommendation please set as default and click on “Next” button

6. Click on “Finish” button

7. Now currently theme is install adn we have to choos this theme in website. Now click on preference>apperance link
8. Here you will get header logo configuration and option of themes. Choose your logo and design and save it

9. This themes is not compatible with default image size of prestashop. So you need define size for presta as following

home = 120 x 255
medium= 170 x 212
small = 80 x 100
big = 280 x 350
thickbox = 600 x 600
category = 500 x 150
large_scene = 556 x 200
thumb_scene = 161 x 58
10. You need to create one more size with the name of “homeImg”. So click on “Add new” link above the table

now put “homeImg” for Type name label, width=120, height=150 and choose for “Product,Category” and click on “Save” button.
11. Finished


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