Mobile Themes for Prestashop – DevilMobile

Today, we have sucessfully launched our new themes specially for only mobile device android, windows phone, palm webOS, blackberry, obada, symbian meego, ipad, tablet PC. Currently it is in black themes. Currently this is on version 1.0 and it is not compatible for notebook and PCs.

Prestashop for Mobile Device

View Demo :

Compatible on : Prestashop Version
Prestashop for Mobile Product Display on DevilMobile- Prestashop Shopping Cart page for Mobile - Prestashop Login prestashop - Mobile device

Price : $60
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19 thoughts on “Mobile Themes for Prestashop – DevilMobile

  1. jgessentials

    Looks awesome. Now how does this work on an existing website that has it’s own prestashop theme for larger screens?
    How can one site have 2 themes or is it a module?

    1. admin Post author

      This DevilMobile themes is only for mobile device and tablet . It is not for PC and notebook. But you can get module which can toggle between mobile and PC but I am not sure. But can use as subdomain for device compatible. Hope hire some php guys to redirect mobile sub domain if device is not PC . Ex : redirec to

    1. admin Post author

      Offer has been finished and currently we do not have any offer. But you can get 10% discount if you like us our facebook page.


  2. Elde Anuska

    I´ve tested in a Samsung Galaxy II, and works perfectly. I pressume that this will be an application to download to the androide mobile in the next future. Isn´t it, and then is on the mobile widget and not needed that the client save on favorites.

    This is a great job. I would like to have one of the free licenses you are going to distribute to implement in my web page. I can contribute with translations into spanish.

    My congratulations.


    Elde Anuska.

  3. Carlos Enrique Mercado

    Can I use this template on my prestashop store 1.3.7, if I can’t, have you a version of my platform, I need to install a template for mobile devices on this platform, because many clients need to access trought their cellphones. Regards!


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