Prestashop Membership Plan

DEVILTHEMES.COM has opened MEMBERSHIP PLAN , providing at least two new prestashop themes each month to subscribed members.

How MEMBERSHIP PLAN does it work?

You pay for access to the Membership License. The membership fee at is only one-time fee for 12 months time period. When membership License expires, you can still use all Prestashop Themes and extensions downloaded during your membership period without paying any extra fee. During the runtime of the subscription you have access to all the themes through Membership License, and you can download plus use them as you require. Additionally, you get full themes support too. The support boards are of great value when customizing your theme, post your questions and other members and staff will help you out in no time!

Why should I join?

Joining a DEVILTHEMES MEMBERSHIP PLAN you can often get the themes you want at a lower price per theme. Although purchasing a single theme may be cheaper then getting a membership, when buying more then 1 theme from the same theme designer a membership can already save you money! For example, at, the membership is only 90 € , a single Prestashop Theme purchase is 60 €. You do the math; if you buy 2 themes form you have to pay 120 €. So, you save 30 € here , if you are in DEVILTHEMES MEMBERSHIP Plan

What are the benefit MEMBERSHIP PLAN

  • Access to all our past and current themes plus the full source PSD files
  • Access to all future Prestashop themes released during your membership period
  • You can download and use all Prestashop Themes Extensions, Addons
  • Get unlimited Members Only Support Forums access, Email Support and Custom
  • Work Support
  • Save you both time and money (up to 30 € )

Please deposite 90 € in MoneyBorker (Skrill) Account in Once we get your payment We will send you Membership Plan License and you can access all themes of


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